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Dear Friends & Supporters,

The message about society’s dependence on energy and the huge future need is beginning to be understood. Many have asked whether there is anything they can do to help spread this message.

The answer is YES! The Lightfoot Institute has recently received status as a Registered Charity in Canada.

We can now offer you a valuable opportunity to join us in promoting a reliable energy supply, to keep the lights on, the machines running and a sustainable future for us all.

We urge you to join The Lightfoot Institute by making a contribution.

We need your support to. . .
•    Let people know there is a positive and workable solution to guarantee our energy supply
•    Present this message to a wider audience
•    Inform the grass roots so they can spread the message far and wide

In the short-term, your contributions will. . .
•    Create promotional material, such as films and an effective and educational web site
•    Cover expenses for lectures and pro bono presentations
•    Expand our research capacity
•    Support professional public relations advice

We invite you to become a Fellow; a Member; an Associate or a Supporter.

    Fellow……….     $500.00 or more
    Member……...    $250.00 or more
    Associate……    $100.00 or more
    Supporter……..     $50.00 or more

Charitable donation tax receipts will be issued for all amounts. Charitable donations are deductible in Canada.

Thank you for your interest and support. You can also help by telling your friends and associates of the opportunity to be part of this great effort.

Please send donations today to:

The Lightfoot Institute
5764 Monkland, Suite 316
Montreal QC  H4A 1E9

Or click the following to donate by credit card:

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