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Energy Supply Plan

The Lightfoot Institute recommends the following Energy Supply Plan to meet our growing energy needs:

  1. Promote nuclear generation of electricity to your neighbours, colleagues and elected representatives.
  1. Produce all electricity by nuclear energy & hydro and use electricity everywhere we can, for example for:
  • railroads.
  • heating of homes and cooking.
  • public transportation.
  1. Reserve liquid fuels for road and air transport, i.e., gasoline from oil, tar sands, and coal because there are no substitutes on the scale required. How?
  •  convert home heating from oil to electricity—you will have to do it eventually as oil and natural gas become scarce.
  •  coal is more valuable converted to liquid fuels than burned to generate electricity—replace with nuclear.
  •  convert large ships to nuclear power.
  1. Replace the current nuclear reactors with fast breeder reactors to ensure nuclear fuel for tens of thousands of years. This will take decades—we must start now.
  1. Practice conservation as you see it. How? Maintain your comfort, security and safety levels but:
  • turn off lights, TVs, and computers when not required.
  • reduce hot water use (but maintain good health control).
  • walk or ride a bicycle if it makes sense.
  • recycle waste and items no longer needed.
  • use public transportation where it makes sense.
  • buy a fuel efficient car.
  1. Use energy as efficiently as possible. How?
  •  use “Energy Star” appliances.
  •  use low energy light bulbs.
  •  install programmable thermostats.
  •  use motion detector lights.
  •  upgrade house insulation, windows, and weather stripping.
  •  maintain your car as recommended.
  •  promote energy efficiency initiatives.
  1. Promote renewable energies where they make sense—they are much too small to replace fossil fuels, but can help extend fossil fuel reserves.
  1. Construct electricity generating and distribution systems robustly and with excess capacity. As fossil fuels become scarce, they will be replaced with nuclear generated electricity except in road and air transport. We have all seen blackouts caused when the system approaches its maximum capacity.


Positive results can be obtained for every person on Earth if the Energy Supply Plan is pursued vigorously and the objectives are met. These include:

  1. Lifting poor nations out of poverty.
  2. Maintaining the well-being of everyone.
  3. Adapting to climate change.
  4. Protecting the environment.

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