The Lightfoot Institute



"To generate awareness of today's global energy
challenges and to advance a workable and sustainable
 plan that would solve the universally growing needs.

The Lightfoot Institute developed from the dire need perceived by the founders to show the importance of energy to global humanity, how much we use, how we use it, and where it comes from.

The Lightfoot Institute is not promoting nuclear power for its own sake. Our science-based analysis of the world�s energy systems shows it is the only source of energy available now that can replace the coal, oil and natural gas, which together are 85% of the world�s current energy supply. If the science-based analysis had come up with a different solution, we would be promoting that.

On Energy Supply

  1. We believe that the people of the world must have an adequate supply of energy regardless of climate change. A reliable supply of energy is required to ensure clean water and air; safe and abundant food; and safe housing for all of humanity. Therefore, the world needs to use more energy, not less, in order to lift the entire planet out of poverty.
  1. We believe that energy consumption creates wealth. Wealth began when people used their own energy to hunt, fish, till the soil, and to make tools, clothing and shelter. Today, the energy from coal, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear power creates the wealth that we enjoy.
  1. We believe that people are as much a part of nature as every other living thing. Protection of the environment is only possible when people have abundant energy. In fact, the environment is a disaster in parts of the world where wood and animal dung are the only fuels available.
  1. We believe that the renewable energies - hydro, wind, solar and biomass - will continue to be small contributors to world energy supply.  Hydro is limited to specific sites; part-time wind and solar require support-systems and biomass needs large areas of land.
  1. We believe that nuclear fission reactors have the potential to provide the world�s energy needs for tens of thousands of years. The current thermal reactors will eventually be replaced with fast breeder reactors because they are 100 times more fuel-efficient.
  1. We believe that until a better solution for powering road and air transport is found, we must only use oil, coal and tar for liquid fuels.

On the Environment

  1. We believe that production of fuels from crops, as in the case of ethanol from corn, competes with the world�s food supply needs.

On Economics

  1. We believe that only nuclear energy can provide long-term price stability for electricity prices because the cost of the uranium fuel is very low, currently about 0.2 cents/kWh when consumed by thermal reactors.
  1. We believe that all sources of our energy must be reliable and strong, especially our electricity grid systems. Minimizing power failures is essential to avoid disruptions in developed countries and the limiting of the economic potential in developing countries.

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